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Why Jánnha is the place to go for CoolSculpting?

You’ve decided that it’s time to get your body back to the way it looked years ago. Or maybe you’re deciding to use modern technology to sculpt your body into the way you’ve always wanted it to look.  CoolSculpting is on your “To Do” list! Freeze away fats cells in a 35-minute treatment! OK soooooo…… where do you go now?

CoolSculpting at Jánnha MediSpa

Jánnha MediSpa at the Medical Art Center (MAC) is the place to go for CoolSculpting! 

Jánnha MediSpa is in an all-inclusive medical center that focuses on giving their patients the knowledge, information and tools needed to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The MAC is known as the “Ultimate in Medical and Wellness Care for a Healthier Future.”

Booking Your Consultation at Jánnha

When you come to Jannha MediSpa for your CoolSculpting consultation you will meet with one of our trained CoolSculpting Specialists (CSS). You will review some preliminary papers about the CoolSculpting technique and you will be interviewed about your body goals. Our CSS will take you to one of our Spa rooms to prepare for your consultation. You will change into spa garments and your current body weight will be noted on your chart. The CSS will explain the procedure on how CoolSculpting works to freeze your fat cells.  The CSS will assess your body by marking the areas on your skin that you are interested in dissolving fat cells and sculpting. You will be shown to a mirror wear the CSS can show you precisely where the CoolSculpting can be done and how many cycles will be needed to achieve your goals.  At this point you will be given an estimate for the CoolSculpting procedure and the first available time slot on the Jannha MediSpa Calendar. Most appointments can be booked within a week of a consultation.

Special Consultation with the Doctor After you have finished your evaluation, Dr. Bazerbashi will be available upon your request to sit with you and discuss your health concerns and any lifestyle changes. You will have the opportunity to share any weight related issues with the Doctor and he will give you his medical advice so that you can move forward with your upcoming CoolSculpting procedure worry free. Dr. Bazerbashi will also offer you a free consultation with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist after your CoolSculpting procedure. If you are interested in a new exercise program you will be given the opportunity to meet with the Personal Trainer at the MAC for a free consultation.

After You Freeze Your Fat Away

Jánnha will celebrate your new body with a free facial! When you come back for your 3-month follow-up visit you will be given a FREE Facial!

Jánnha MediSpa is a boutique style spa that brings you the most advanced in luxury medispa treatments and medical grade procedures all performed by a gracious skilled and certified staff. You will have the support and encouragement you need to help you achieve the body you want. Your CoolSculpting experience at Jánnha MediSpa paired with healthy lifestyle choices offered at the MAC will give you all the tools you need to attain your ultimate goals.  See you at Jánnha!

Written by TaraJean McDonald yourstrulytj.com

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