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How does the Integrative Weight Management Program Work?

The Integrative Weight Management Program is not only directed towards reshaping your body, it is almost always a life changing process as well. Through nutritional counseling, a person will learn to prioritize the three main components of a healthy lifestyle: Eating Right, Exercising and Feeling Good.

A patient’s first appointment at the Medical Art Center (MAC) will be scheduled with Dr. Bazerbashi.  Dr. Ammar Bazerbashi is a renowned Specialist of Internal Medicine.  It is during this appointment where the patient can present their health concerns, family history, and list any medications they are taking. The doctor will require extensive blood work and a full physical exam at that time. The patient will be required to provide a food intake log and exercise schedule to be submitted for their next appointment. There are phone apps to help the patient with this task.

Within the next few weeks the patient will return to meet with Dr. Bazerbashi to discuss results of the blood work, physical vitals and review the food/exercise log. During this appointment the doctor will discuss treatment options.

Meeting with the in-house Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be required for all patients to determine an analysis of present and future food choices in regard to their weight goals.

Integrative Weight Management

Dr. Bazerbashi also recommends that all patients meet with the Weight Management Support group at the center  and with one of the certified personal trainers in the 2nd floor Gym to begin a comprehensive exercise and support plan.  Free workout, Zumba and yogaclasses are available for all patients  throughout the week.

FDA approved medications will be discussed or prescribed, depending on the individual patient’s needs and always as a last resort.

Dr. Bazerbashi: “I tell my patients do not come here to lose weight come here to live healthy. The weight loss and looking better is the secondary gain. Living healthy and preventing heart disease should be your first priority.”

Written by TaraJean McDonald yourstrulytj.com

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